Franklin Merrell-Wolff (1887–1985)

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On August 9, 1976 I walked into the Woodwards’ book store and picked up a blue covered paperback.  On the back it read, “On August 7, 1936 Franklin Merrell-Wolff awakened.”  I bought the book for $1.95 and since then have read it a dozen times or more, usually starting a fresh reread on the anniversary of his awakening.  Today, in fact.

Dr. Merrell-Wolff clarified so much of the higher consciousness that had previously remained dark.  Some think he’s not an easy read but he’s always been clear to me.  If you have the chance, read his “Pathways Through to Space: a personal report of transformation in consciousness.”  It’s also available as “Experience and Philosophy” (ISBN: 0-7914-1964-9), a double book that contains “Pathways” and another of his works, “Philosophy of Consciousness without an Object”.  Or google the websites his immediate followers have created.  But first let me give you a taste of his writings…

“How shall I ever describe what transpired last night?  It is utterly baffling to language as such.  At best, what I say may suggest something, but can never communicate the Reality.  It was neither an experience, in the proper sense of the word nor a logical penetration, for both cognition and perception are hopelessly inadequate either to represent or contain it.  As the Infinite is to the finite, so was that Consciousness of last night to the relative consciousness of the subject-object manifold.  I penetrated a State wholly beyond the relative field, and also well beyond that Realized by me heretofore.  Truly, within the Infinite there are Mysteries within Mysteries.  Deeps beyond Deeps, Grandeurs beyond Grandeurs.

Sept. 9, 1936, entry: The High Indifference.


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