Some tips on trauma recovery

August 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

Turning awareness inward to realize the emptiness of the ego often shines the light of consciousness upon buried fears and deep-seated trauma that have hitherto been avoided.  Initial steps to trauma recovery first require a resolve to keep making decisions and acting on those choices.  Whether the steps are big or small, good or bad is irrelevant as the aim is simply to overcome the inertia of not acting that fear and trauma induced.

The next step is to realize that what makes us afraid exists nowhere other than in our own mind as a purely conceptual threat; that is, as a thought alone.

The immediate reaction to this statement is to cite reports of dangers and dangerous people in the world, and there is no doubt bad things do happen.  But I am not referring to an actual threat that may or may not happen to you in your lifetime.  I’m referring to the imagined threats these stories produce in our minds.  Or, if one was actually traumatized, I’m referring to the on-going posttraumatic reaction to a traumatic event or events that no longer exist.

Meditation can bring about self-healing but it does require one neither run away from the thought threat nor be overcome by it.  It also requires self-honesty about those self-soothing techniques everyone uses to avoid dealing with unpleasant emotions.  This is not to say one will not need to take a break from these emotions with a night out with friends or a distracting book or movie.  Or even that those who use addictions to momentarily break the pain of post-trauma won’t find they turn to those addictions.  But by continually taking small steps to recovery and keeping the awareness focused on realizing the unreality of traumatic reactions, self-healing will result.  The mind will become calmer and peace will become a real possibility.


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