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We may view reality as a collection of independent things or as one vast seamless whole.  We may see it as particles or waves, as Relative or Absolute Consciousness.  These views are equally true.  These are two sides of the same Coin of the Realm.

As relative consciousness there is form.  As form the universe is “an undivided whole in a perpetual state of dynamic flux.”  There are living beings interconnected with all other beings.

As Absolute consciousness there is the formless.  Being formless there is no separation.  Being formless there is no fixed self.  This appears as emptiness.

In the Absolute there are no eyes, no ears, no limbs or body, so it may be said that these are not conditions of living but modes of consciousness, modes of thought.  In Emptiness these modes give way to the spatial Self, the Self that is all Selves.

To see the one reality is to see both the Relative and the Absolute, to see there is individuality and oneness.  It’s to see that form is emptiness and emptiness is form.  Emptiness means “no difference”.

In action this translates into each one of us finding our own way, yet finding that way within the larger community.  This means that our practice to realize higher consciousness is done not just for our self alone, but also for all beings.  This is the way of the Bodhisattva.


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