A Hawk Hovers With Open Talons

August 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ego is a collection of thoughts we identify as “me” and thoughts we identify as “not me”.  A healthy ego is one that neither clings to “me” nor “not me” thoughts.  An unhealthy ego clings to “me” thoughts and fears the “not me”.

We cling to thoughts that are clear and bright, to the idea that we are sharp and clever.  We are averse to being dim and weak, dull and stupid.  We desire to be purposeful and happy and abhor the aimless and depressed.  But no one is always ahead.  No one is always up.  Our lives are not always easy.  We are all stupid in some area.  To believe otherwise is to cling to a lie.  He who is attached to a lie will suffer much.

If there is fear without physical danger ask if the danger is not to your ego. When there is unnecessary suffering ask how this comes about.  If you go deep into the suffering you will find it arises from a resistance to a “not me” thought. You will find the fear arises from trying to escape and deny a thought.  But it is possible to know the white but keep the black by neither accepting nor rejecting concepts of self.  This is why it is said, “Because the sage always confronts difficulties, he never experiences them”.

The thought that you resist will typically be found to be one buried in stories of why you are this and not that.  But when these stories are stripped away you will find that it is a thought that negates a “me” thought and so, at a deeper level, it represents a fear of your own death.  But as this fear is based upon a lie of who and what you truly are, it, too, is a lie.

When we pretend to be this and not that, we fear the nothingness that reveals itself when these two meet and cancel each other out.  Yet the emptiness that remains is our true nature.  It is for these reasons Sages of old tell us we gain by losing and lose by gaining.  That “He who grasps loses.”


The hawk hovers over the ocean with open talons.
Grasping at nothing, being open to all things.
Alert and watchful.
Remaining still until the moment of action
Nothing is left undone.
This is the way of heaven.

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