The Clear Light

August 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Clear Light is unconditioned, pure Nirvanic Consciousness.  Being unconditioned and pure it is without qualities and without limits.  Having no limits or qualities it is formless.  Being Consciousness it is All-Pervading Intelligence.  The conscious realizing of the Clear Light is synonymous with the attainment of Buddhahood.

To completely realize the Clear Light takes great training under the guidance of a knowledgeable guru.  Practice involves the six Rules of Tilopa.  These are to “imagine not, think not, analyze not, meditate not, reflect not, keep in the Natural State”.

To “imagine not” means to neither be attracted nor repelled by whatever arises in the mind.

To “analyze not” means to not try to figure out whatever arises.

To “meditate not” means to stop trying to find, uncover or conceptualize (the nature of the Self or Reality).

To “think not” is to let go of whatever arises.

To “reflect not” means to let go of what was let go (what has passed out of mind).

To “keep in the Natural State” means, in its simplest sense, to stay relaxed in the present moment.

The Clear Light is experienced at the moment of death.  Its subtle radiance is also present between thoughts but more interestingly it can be glimpsed at the moment of falling asleep.  This requires letting the body fall asleep while maintaining consciousness, sometimes call “maintaining unbroken continuity of consciousness”.

To see the clear light as you fall asleep it is necessary to be neither too tired nor too alert.  As you fall asleep gently keep your awareness.  Doing so will eventually result in a bright flash of white light.  Next thing you know its morning.

I saw the Clear Light’s bright flash last night and that is why I’m writing about it today.  It flashed twice, like lightning.  So much like lightning, in fact, that I paused (conscious but asleep) to listen for thunder that never came.

In the morning I woke to a knocking on the bedroom door, but when I got up to see who it was no one was there.  That is the third time that’s happened this month.

I mention these experiences, small as they are, because I believe they reflect something positive going on in the unconscious and they encourage meditation.  If you need some encouragement you might try and glimpse the Clear Light tonight.  Just remember, though, that it’s only a glimpse.  Not the light of the sun, so much as its light reflecting off the moon off a pool of water you’re looking at in the night.


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