Terrorism Is Senseless.

July 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

Mahabodhi Temple

Today, the news reported an attack on the Mahabodhi Temple located where the Buddha realized enlightenment and at other Buddhist sites in India.  The details were sketchy with some report of injuries but I do hope all are safe and well.

The report said this was not the first time the temple was the target of a terrorist attack, behavior that can only be viewed as the embodiment of senseless action.  It is senseless to believe the bombing of a temple would faze anyone who believes in impermanence.  It is senseless to believe that it would not but help those trying to see all form as emptiness.  These acts are senseless because it aims to generate terror via methods that can only confirm the essential tenets of Buddhism to its followers.

Many in the west long for relief from suffering and come to Buddhism out of weariness with a world full of senseless action. No act of terrorism can remove this weariness. But if it caused some to succumb to this weariness, what would then motivate them to convert to the terrorist’s cause?

Others come to Buddhism because they are drawn to its philosophy of compassion and loving-kindness. When they then see the suffering caused by a terrorist act does the terrorist really expect them to be less compassionate?  And if terrorism could kill loving-kindness, then what does that say about the kind of world terrorists want to create?

Terrorists are ignorant of the inter-connectedness of all form and all life.  They do not see the identity of awareness in all beings. They do not see that the “I” in them is the same “I” in every self-conscious creature, especially the ones they seek to harm.  And in that the terrorist is ultimately terrorizing only him or her self, terrorism is senseless.

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