The Thinker

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

the thinker

There is a difference between thought and the thinker.

Thoughts are ideas, notions, images and memories that arise and fall in consciousness.  The thinker is the power of awareness that directs and sustains thought.

The thinker is the simplest thing of all.  So simple that you cannot even call it a thing!

Calling your self a thinker tells us more about your personality than what you actually are.  A feeling based personality could just as easily call his or her self a “feeler.”  A sensation type might use the word “sensor.”  Giving this power of awareness a name tells us nothing about what it is.

When we look for the thinker we cannot find it.  It’s like trying to look at your eye with your eye.  It can’t be done.

The thinker stands in opposition to all thought!

If we think about the thinker, we direct the awareness into the realm of thought.  Caught up in thinking we forget our true essence and wander into illusion, forgetting who and what we are.  Yet our true essence, our true nature, is still here.  It doesn’t go away, nor are we ever separated from it.

When taking up meditation, people take on the identity of a seeker.  Even when they are told, “You are It!” they still keep looking for something.

They look for some expansion of consciousness, an experience of light, love or knowledge.  They look for something complex.  They can’t accept that it is just this present awareness.  They think that’s too simple, so it can’t be the answer.

Yet, when people realize their true nature they invariably say, “It’s so simple! It was ‘me’ all along!”

Right now the difference between you living in samsara or you living in nirvana is just a simple recognition of your true essence as simple awareness.

Awareness that has no name.

Awareness that is not other than this present moment.



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