Entering the Door

When younger, I undertook an intensive period of concentrated spiritual discipline that extended over several weeks and resulted in some visionary activity and other effects of note.  At the time I had little knowledge of psychology or higher consciousness and certainly had no teacher.  My study of mystical literature, however, did warn me of the dangers of the unprepared mind pursuing these experiences so I stopped the practices that led to them.

Although never repeated, the events of those times left an indelible impression on my mind and helped fuel my interest in the pursuit of higher consciousness.  But that pursuit has been one of gathering knowledge and resolving personal difficulties, the same difficulties that would have been the source of those dangers I read about so long ago.

The photo accompanying this initial blog of August Meditations was inspired by one of those little visions that happened when I was standing in a crowd and quite awake.  Without any sense or feeling there was anything to see I nonchalantly looked over to my right where I saw a door of light hovering maybe twenty feet off the ground.  Later, I spoke of this experience to my friend Moonbeam (not her real name) who said, “Just wait till you go through the door!”

Well.  I’ve decided to see if August 2012 is my time to go through that door.  To see if the self-knowledge I’ve gained can turn to Knowledge of the Self.  I’m off work (but not family obligations) and I going to spend as much of August as I can in meditation, turning what I’ve learned into practice.  This site is meant to record these efforts.  I hope it will be so some value to anyone who happens across it and is also seeking to go through that Door.


  • rococonnor says:

    … knock knock…


  • Estelle_0630 says:

    My Guru meditates for several hours per day and wishes He could do more. I’m testament that just being near such enlightened souls creates blessings for all who seek it. I do hope August proved to be the spiritually enlightening process you hoped for.



    • Simply being in the presence of a Sage can generate a subtle flow of energy in a receptive individual. Like a magnet inducing magnetism in non-magnetic iron, it first lasts only as long as the magnetic is near. But prolonged exposure will eventually turn the iron into a magnet, itself. In this way we, too, become sages.

      August has been a great boon. Awareness, itself, is the door.

      Be well.


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