August Meditations MMX111 0740A

Another trip around Sol and here we are back in the month of August.  Once again I’ve taken the entire month off but, sadly, this time I’ve fewer family obligations as death has knocked twice on my door taking my father and brother…

In the past year the Way has become clearer.  I understand, but have not fully realized, that I am awareness.  That all practice is meant to bring me, and everyone, closer to the realization that “I am Pure Consciousness”.

You might say it is the goal of evolution to bring us to this realization.  That over the course of time we are to evolve into what we imaged we could be when we first conceived the idea of angels.  Those already with this realization continue their practice in the hopes we will join them.  They help us and, in turn, our practice aids them.  As Dogen wrote, “The power of continuous practice confirms you as well as others.  It means your practice affects the entire earth and the entire sky in the ten directions.  Although not noticed by others or by yourself, it is so.”

As we look out over the world today we may indeed wonder what effect, if any, our practice has.  Humanity continues to act and think in ways that show a thriving ignorance of the interconnectedness of all beings and the world in which they live.  Arctic ice loss threatens sea and land life alike, yet we continue in our avarice to plunder and savage Gaia.  Leadership seeks to oppress while individuals explode bombs, all in a lust to impose their will for their own ends.  Seeing this, it does seem that humanity’s enlightenment, to borrow from the Mahayana or Great Vehicle teaching, will take “hundreds and thousands of eons.”

Yet when the bombs exploded in Boston the public, acting in a non-harmful way, ran to help the injured.  When Malala recovered from her injuries she spoke at the UN with truth and in a non-hurtful way.  And I remember some 16,000 people with right intention and right effort listening to the Dalai Lama when he came to Vancouver.  So people are striving to improve, find freedom and see reality as it is.  We have reason to be hopeful and to continue our practice, even if we do not notice its effects.

So, as with last year, I dedicate this August to going through that Door.  But this time I know that there really isn’t any door, as I, and the rest of humanity, already am the Consciousness we seek to evolve into.  We just have to realize and practice it with compassion in our hearts.


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